Emily Hylden

Emily Hylden

St. Augustine’s Oak Cliff

Dallas, Texas


A native Midwesterner, Mother Emily has lived in the south for her entire adult life; she met her husband, Father Jordan, while in graduate school at Duke University. She’s served churches in Durham, North Carolina; St. Louis, Missouri; and Columbia, South Carolina; as well as a stint in upstate New York during her M.Div training, at Christ Church in Cooperstown.

She came to the Anglican tradition in 2009 because of its beautiful worship, having been raised in the Christian and Missionary Alliance. Around the same time she was confirmed, she discerned a call to ordination and promptly fell in love with parish ministry. Her unofficial writings, as well as some sermons, can be found at emilyhylden.com.

Mtr. Emily also loves to bake bread, practice yoga, and snuggle her boys, Charles and Grady.

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