Ephraim Radner

Ephraim Radner

Professor of Historical Theology
Wycliffe College


I was raised in Berkeley, California, the son of a Jewish father and ex-Catholic mother. It was the heyday of Free Speech, hippies, Black Panthers, People’s Park, etc. I was in the political mix but attempted to keep my head down. I studied music, tried to stay focused, wandered around the crazy streets, and listened to street preachers.

I became a Christian at 14 and joined a local Episcopal Church, where I was confirmed and which later sponsored me for seminary. I made my way to music conservatory (violin), but quickly decided against that direction, and ended up finishing a degree at Dartmouth (classics/art history). I also grew more deeply in my faith. Among other things, some difficult family situations and an internship in Boston at a prison-related halfway house stirred in me a desire to serve Christ’s church as a priest.

While I was in seminary at Yale, my horizons were opened to the larger Church. After a number of exploratory ministries, I became an Episcopal Church overseas appointee to Burundi (East Africa), where I worked for 4 years, mostly teaching in a Bible college. This was a tremendously formative time.

Back to the US after political troubles, I worked as an associate in a large Brooklyn parish. I met my wife, Annette Brownlee, who was ordained in 1987. Off to Cleveland, OH, we worked in inner-city churches. Later, in Connecticut, Annette led a mission church while I did a doctorate in theology (Yale, 1994). Still pastoring, I wound up leading a Haitian congregation in Stamford—a connection that flowered when we moved to Colorado, and the parish I led there as rector (Ascension, Pueblo) became deeply involved in Haiti. Our two children, Hannah and Isaac, were raised in Colorado, where both now live.

Our life in Pueblo—a blue-collar steel town near New Mexico—defined our family’s growth. I was a diocesan “regional missioner” (like an archdeacon), overseeing 20 far-flung congregations. It was an exciting time, with engaged ministries. Life in the parish flourished, though not without challenge. I began writing more.

After 10 years, an opportunity opened up at Wycliffe College, where we moved in 2007. I continue to be involved in local congregational and even wider church life. I am particularly blessed by the work at Wycliffe helping to form new ministers and scholars, and by the chance to do theological research for the service of Christ’s church.


  • B.A., Dartmouth College
  • M.Div., Yale Divinity School
  • Ph.D. in Theology, Yale University

Areas of Expertise

  • Ecclesiology: Ecclesial decision-making and ecumenism
  • Scriptural hermeneutics and the theological categories of “time” and “history”
  • The character of early modern Christian self-identity
  • Pneumatology
  • Contemporary Christian social experience

Select Publications and Media:


  • Church (2017)
  • Church, Society, and the Christian Common Good: Essays in Conversation with Philip Turner (editor, 2017)
  • A Time to Keep: Theology, Mortality, and the Shape of a Human Life (2016)
  • Time and the Word: The Figural Reading of Scripture (2016)
  • Reclaiming Faith: Essays on Orthodoxy in the Episcopal Church and the Baltimore Declaration (1993)
  • Inhabiting Unity: Theological Perspectives on the Proposed Lutheran-Episcopal Concordat (1995)
  • The Rule of Faith: Scripture, Canon, and Creed in a Critical Age(1998)
  • The End of the Church: A Pneumatology of Christian Division in the West (1999)
  • Spirit and Nature: The Saint Medard Miracles in 18th-century Jansenism (2002)
  • Hope among the Fragments: The Broken Church and its Engagement of Scripture (2004)
  • The Fate of Communion: The Agony of Anglicanism and the Future of a Global Church (2006)
  • Leviticus (2007)
  • The World in the Shadow of God: An Introduction to Christian Natural Theology (2010)
  • A Brutal Unity: The Spiritual Politics of the Christian Church (2012)

Some recent articles:

  • “Anglican-Catholic relations 50 years after Unitatis Redintegratio,” The International Journal for the Study of the Christian Church 14:4 (2014)
  • “The Holy Spirit and Unity: Getting Out of the Way of Christ,” International Journal of Systematic Theology 16:2 (2014)
  • “Lectionary and the Figural Meaning of the Scriptures,” Liturgy: A Journal of the Liturgical Conference 29:4 (2014)
  • “Anglicanism on its knees” (2014)
  • Praying with those who pray” (2013)

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