Catherine Sider-Hamilton

Catherine Sider-Hamilton

Assistant Professor in New Testament and Greek
Wycliffe College

St. Matthews Anglican, Riverdale

Toronto, Ontario


The Rev. Dr. Catherine Sider-Hamilton is Assistant Professor in New Testament and Greek at Wycliffe College in the University of Toronto, and Priest-in-Charge, St. Matthew’s Anglican Church, Riverdale.

Concerning her own vocation, he writes, “I have been given the wonderful opportunity to serve both in parish ministry and in the academy—to be a ‘scholar-priest’. It’s a joy for me (if also a challenge, in terms of sheer workload and the current ideological pressures on the church). Parish ministry helps keep my scholarship and teaching grounded in Christ and his people, and teaching and writing feed into preaching and pastoral ministry in a way that I have found rich and life-giving.”

She is fascinated by the way the church—and Israel—reads its scriptures, and seeks to work at the intersection of biblical studies and theology, taking seriously the historical claim of the scriptures and at the same time their witness and function as Word of God.

Recent publications include the newly-released The Death of Jesus in Matthew: Innocent Blood and the End of Exile (Cambridge University Press, 2017), and a book in the works on women’s interpretation of Paul (working title Paul and Women through the Ages, jointly authored with Marion Taylor), as well as a co-edited volume of essays on Francis Watson’s Gospel Writing and Fourfold Gospel (LNTS), among other reflections on the life of the church and the role of women.

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